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Shelley’s secret sauce is the interview questions she crafted after competency mapping. I began working with CBC at the start of building out my organization. As an extremely busy executive in a rapidly growing startup, finding the right fit for each role was a challenge. People can “game” interviews, but she helped me hone in on exactly what was needed to hire the best fit by providing screening and interview questions. These helped me uncover the interviewees natural alignment with the role, competencies and our culture. I highly recommend working with her as I have no doubt she can revolutionize anyone’s hiring process.
— Cameron C., Executive Director of Operations

Thanks to CBC and the work Shelley does I was able to successfully create and fill an important new position for my small business. I knew I needed to contact CBC when I realized that we had such a wide variety of “jobs to be done” at my office that I didn’t understand how to define the position, or how to find the right person. Shelley and I were able to construct a job description and identify great interview screening questions. With Shelley’s help I hired a high caliber individual who has been the best fit to my organization yet!
— Scott S., Managing Partner

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CBC helped me reduce turnover and hire the best addition to our staff we’ve had in years! Ms. Underwood partnered with me to provide much needed support in the area of hiring. She listened and asked probing questions to devise a plan of action to help streamline my hiring process. She created job descriptions and screening questions so I was able to hire the best fit for each role. Her suggestions were practical and straightforward and customized to my small business needs. I’ve had the greatest success yet with my new hires since working with her!
— Angela H., Owner